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                                                  Sweep the concern Orientland!

                                                  Zhangzhou Yutong Industrial Co., Ltd. was born in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province in 2016, the famous "land of fish, rice, flowers and fruits". The company has carried on the production model of Fujian Orientland Foods Co., Ltd. of provincial high and new technology. With its freeze drying experience for 20 years, the company is based on the strong strength and efficient operation team of the company. It specializes in the food vacuum freeze drying and cold air drying deep processing, which belongs to the long-term partner of the Orientland Foods Company. At present, there are many international advanced food vacuum freezing and cold air drying production lines.

                                                  The main products are: freeze-dried yogurt melts series, freeze-dried  fruit and vegetable series, instant soup / healthy solid drink, freeze-dried fruit and vegetable powder and probiotic powder, puffed food series and so on.

                                                  At present, yutong industrial company has eight brands, the "EEG" brand is one of yutong industrial company, the brand is defined as the new retail and online and offline integration model. The main products are mothers and infants snack foods, online and offline synchronous development, at present in Fujian Province, there are hundreds of franchised and self-owned counters and stores. The "EEG" brand yogurt melts, fruit bean, tremella soup, yogurt block, puff, quickly detonated the market and favored by the vast majority of consumption, and the online and offline sales have been soaring year by year.

                                                  Through the image of loyal, lovable and adorkable dog, "EEG" brand sets up an enterprise image that enjoy the double needs of consumer nutrition and taste buds , showing a new brand story of "doing every product with heart." We must keep the snacks healthy、safety、and give the best care to the consumers with high quality products, and constantly cultivate a good image of yutong industry in the mind of the consumers.

                                                  In the field of scientific research, in recent years, yutong industrial has been cooperating with many colleges and universities on the innovation projects and pursuing high standard in the aspect of human resoures, equipment, techniques, quality managements and research & development of new products.Each process, from raw material cultivation,

                                                  Production, products’quality test etc.fully conforms with the international standard. Actively develop and produce nutritional and health products to meet the domestic and international market demand in product development and innovation.